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1 Key 21st Century Reformer™ & Master Of Deception On IS&J

  1. Tariq Ramadan (1962- ) - Swiss maternal grandson to Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna. In 2002 called him "one of the most important intellectuals in the world," characterizing him as “the Muslim Martin Luther.” In 2000 Time magazine named him one of the six religious figures likely to be responsible for Islam's possible renovation in the new century, and in 2004 named him one of the world’s top 100 scientists and thinkers. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair appointed Ramadan to a government commission on preventing extremism. He was twice invited to speak at events organized by President Bill Clinton. With those references I could have put him on the Efforts to Reform Islam page, except he is widely regarded as a Moderate™ Reformer™ because he is one of the most influential and smoothest deception (taqiyya) masters in the world today. His website says he is aProfessor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at the Oxford University... MA Philosophy and French literature and PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies University of Geneva. He received one-on-one intensive training in classic Islamic scholarship from Al-Azhar University scholars achieving ijazat (License to Transmit) in seven disciplines.” With those qualifications I almost put him on the 45 Modern Jurists and Sharia Scholars page, except I don’t know how much of it is true because Ibn Warraq wrote,

  1. “Ramadan’s doublespeak is part of a carefully calibrated, long-term strategy of dissimulation, perfectly justified by the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya, a doctrine of “pious fraud” or religious dissimulation. That Ramadan is an impostor is evident even in the titles that he freely accords himself. He claims that he is “Professor of Islamic Studies (Faculty of Theology at Oxford),” and the biography in the inside flap of his Western Muslims and the Future of Islam describes him as “Professor of Philosophy at the College of Geneva and Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.” But ... Ramadan is merely a research fellow at St. Anthony’s College, Oxford, where has has given just three lectures. Nor is he a professor at Geneva, especially not at the university there. He was a teacher at a sub-university level in the Collège Saussure, and he served as a “scholarly associate” at the University of Fribourg, teaching a two-hour course every two weeks, “Introduction to Islam.”

  2. [...]

  3. “That Ramadan is the grandson of al-Banna, ... a fundamentalist fanatic who wanted to impose Islamic totalitarianism on the world—would not be fair to hold against him if not for his laudatory writings on his grandfather... in his interview with Alain Gresh of Le Monde diplomatique: “I have studied Hassan al-Banna’s ideas with great care and there is nothing in this heritage that I reject. His relation to God, his spirituality, his mysticism, his personality, as well as his critical reflections on law, politics, society and pluralism, testify to me his qualities of heart and mind...” In fact, Ramadan wrote a university thesis on al-Banna that was nothing short of hagiography. The jury at the University of Fribourg rejected it for being too partisan and unscientific.”

Tariq Ramadan

Supremacist Reformer™

In 1998 Brotherhood fifth Supreme Leader, Mostafa Mashour, said:

  1. “The work carried out by Tariq [Ramadan] is totally in keeping with the purest traditions of the Muslim Brotherhood."

Antoine Sfeir, a Lebanese-born, pro-Palestinian Arab, founder of the respected review on Middle East affairs Cahiers de l'Orient, and an expert on Islam, "He is no doubt one of the key figures of the Brotherhood," though he has always denied having any “functional connection” to them. In his book review of the most exhaustive study on him, Brother Tariq: the Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan, Warraq says,

  1. “Fourest provides many examples of Ramadan’s brazen lies, but one stands out. It involves the al-Taqwa bank—founded by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, and shut down by the Swiss government in December 2001 for sponsoring terrorism, with links to Hamas, al-Qaida, and the GIA in Algeria. Ramadan claims that his family had no involvement with al-Taqwa: “We never had any sort of contact with the bank. The fact that our name appears in its address file doesn’t mean a thing.” This is untrue; Said Ramadan, Tariq’s father, was one of the founders of al-Taqwa. (Other al-Taqwa founders were active supporters of Hitler during World War II.)”

Said Ramadan also founded and ran the Geneva Islamic Center in the early 1960’s, where he used the center to further the Brotherhood goals he was exiled from Egypt for, that his father in law al-Banna started. On Said’s death in 1995, Tariq, with his mother Wafa al-Banna (daughter of Hassan), and his brother Hani, took over running the Center. Anyone running that center has a “functional connection” to the Brotherhood. Warraq:

  1. “In November 2003, in a televised debate with Nicolas Sarkozy, then France’s interior minister, Ramadan was asked about his brother Hani, who had justified stoning adulterous women to death. Instead of condemning the custom outright as barbaric, Ramadan replied, “I’m in favor of a moratorium...” ... a temporary ban.”

Ramadan wants the legal extinction of Israel. DHS revoked his US visa in 2004 for his numerous connections to Islamic terrorism, but in 2010 the ban was lifted by Secretary of State Clinton.

Warraq concludes,

  1. Fourest... demonstrates with great skill that Ramadan is a dangerous radical who, far from modernizing Islam, is in fact attempting to Islamize modernity... is poisoning the minds of young Muslims in the West. He spreads his message through personal appearances and with the sale of tens of thousands of cassettes through Tawhid, an Islamist publishing house with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Update January 2018: “Muslim Martin Luther” Tariq Ramadan, accused of rape, is detained in Paris

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