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Examples of Gross Islamic Human Rights Violations

  1. Iraq: "Morality police" stone to death at least 90 young men for "emo" appearance (3/2012)

  1. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan: 20 to 25 Hindu girls forcibly converted to Islam each month (3/2012)

  1. Nearly 1000 Pakistani women victims of honor killings in 2011 - from the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (3/2012)

  1. Pakistani Islamic party leader: a woman should not report rape unless she has four witnesses. The Malaysian Islamic reformist group Sisters in Islam says, “In Pakistan, it is reported that three out of four women in prison under its Hudud laws [these are the laws of what it forbidden and permitted by Allah himself], are rape victims. Because rape is equated with unlawful sexual intercourse under Hudud law, rape victims are required to produce four pious male witnesses. It is of course nearly impossible for the rape victims to produce the four male witnesses required to prove their allegation. Therefore their police report of rape was taken as a confession of illicit sex on their part and they were duly found guilty.”

  1. Acid attacks on Muslim women to disfigure their faces forever. Between 2002 and 2007 there were over 1,400 acid attacks just in Bangladesh, often resulting in blindness. It happens in many other Muslim countries. Here is one from the U.K in 2013.

  1. Pakistan: 100 women forced to convert to Islam "in recent months" (3/2012)

  1. Afghanistan: Islamic supremacists poison 97 more girls for the crime of going to school (6/2012)

  1. France: Islamic holy man and his wife are jailed for mutilating the genitals of their four daughters (6/2012)

  1. Video of an apostate to Christianity being beheaded in Tunisia a year after the Arab Spring. I don’t recommend watching it, it is gross. To see Raymond Ibrahim’s description and translated comments of the talk show host who televised it in Egypt go here. This drew large numbers of comments in the Muslim world disputing the event - Ibrahim responds here. (6/2012)

  1. Video of Taliban stoning woman in northwest Pakistan (2010)

  1. Video of couple being stoned in Afghanistan - no arrests despite around 100 eyewitnesses participants (2010)

  1. Pakistan Hindus facing vicious persecution from Muslims  2012

  1. Sharia in action in Afghanistan: Taliban behead 17 for attending mixed-sex party with music and dancing 2012

  1. Sharia in action in Yemen: In accord with Qur'an, Muslims crucify man for directing U.S. drones 2012

  1. Bangladesh: Nearly 300 Christian children abducted and forcibly converted to Islam 2012

  2. Pakistan: 2,000 non-Muslim girls forcibly converted to Islam 2012

  3. Pakistan: Down's syndrome Christian girl exonerated of blasphemy charge; Muslim cleric charged with blasphemy for burning Qur'an to frame her 2012

  4. Nigeria: Muslims separate Christian students from Muslim students, murder 25-30 Christians

  5. Hamas militia destroys a wedding party in Beit Hanoun - YouTube

  6. Islamic jihadists setting Europe-wide forest fires 2012