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The Muslim Brotherhood on IS&J

“Islam is... A Qur’an and a Sword”

(Hassan al-Banna)

Largely Secular™...

No Overriding Agenda

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, 2/11/2011

  1. A scorpion rode on the back of a monkey crossing a river and half way across the scorpion stung him. The monkey cried “Why did you do that, now we both die?” Scorpion said “It’s what I do, it’s who I am.”

  1. Raymond Ibrahim:

  1. I like to discuss ... the notion of altruism in Islam... When I sit here ... and say - well, look, Islam teaches jihad and violence and deceit, and this and that - I think, on a very human level, one is tempted to reject this, regardless of all the evidence, for one simple reason. You think to yourself - are you telling me a billion people really are hell-bent on subjugating the world?

  1. And I think the key to understanding this is to understand that from their point of view, this is not seen as evil, it’s not seen as bad. In fact, to best understand it, I ... liken it to the … 19th century ...“White Man’s Burden,” ... basically Islam from the beginning ... had ... a universalizing mission. And it was... to bring the world under Islam. And it was seen as a good thing, just like “The White Man’s Burden” was articulated as - we need to bring civilization to the savages, for their own good. Whether it’s done through violence, force, colonialism, conquest or whatever, it is the same exact thing in Islam. And in fact, that has a longer pedigree. And so to me, when I read Islam, and I read their text, Jihad, I always see it as “The Muslim Man’s Burden.”

  1. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) was founded by Hassan al-Banna in 1928 in opposition to Ataturk’s abolition of the Ottoman Empire (Caliphate) in 1924 with secular Turkey in the aftermath of World War I. The Brotherhood’s stated goal is to instill the Qur’an and Sunnah as the:

  1. “sole reference point for ... ordering the life of the Muslim family, individual, community ... and state”.

  1. Concerning MB connections to terrorist groups, in testimony before the Senate Banking Committee in 2003, Richard Clarke, chief counter-terrorism adviser on the National Security Council under Clinton and Bush 2, said:

  1. "...the issue of terrorist financing in the United States is a fundamental example of the shared infrastructure levered by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and al Qaeda, all of which enjoy a significant degree of cooperation... within our borders. The common link here is... all these organizations are descendants of the membership and ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood."

Same goals, different tactics.

  1. Qutb explained his gradualist approach:

  1. “Our aim is first to change ourselves so that we may later change the society... Our aim is to change the Jahili system [of ignorance] at its very roots, this system which is fundamentally at variance with Islam...” Milestones pp. 22, 34.

The Jahili system can be seen in this video of Egyptian President Nasser’s speech in the 50’s when he was cheered for mocking the hijab and Salafists.

Islam in Egypt was suppressed, not Moderated™

          “President Nasser and wife, back in an era when the idea

            on institutionalizing the hijab provoked laughter and ridicule”

That system also existed in the new secular Turkey, where Islam was more suppressed than in Egypt. Even though the Brotherhood was outlawed for decades in Egypt they were tolerated to some extent which allowed them to change the society gradually. Look how much it changed while Turkey did not during the same time by comparing these 2010 PEW poll results taken just before the Arab Spring™ 2011.

  1. Kill adulterers by stoning?                     Egypt: 82% agree            Turkey: 16% agree

  2. Kill apostates from Islam?                      Egypt: 84% agree            Turkey: 5% agree

  3. Flog or amputate hands of thieves?     Egypt: 77% agree            Turkey: 13% agree

And in 1999 the World Health Org reported that 97% of Egyptian women had Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). This practice is sanctioned by Reliance of the Traveller and other authoritative Islamic sources.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis were on record supporting Islamic practices like killing apostates, amputating thieves, and FGM. So it’s not surprising that a year after the 2011 Arab Spring™, after the Brotherhood initially said they would not take a leadership role in the Egyptian opposition coalition, they and the Salafis won a combined 80% of Egypt’s Parliamentary vote, then Brotherhood candidate Morsi was elected president, soon began controlling the press, forced out military chiefs, granted himself sweeping new powers, and drafted a new sharia constitution that passed in public referendum, all before the end of 2012.

Summing up Sheikh Osama al-Qusi’s analysis about the Brotherhood’s long slow come back, Raymond Ibrahim wrote:

  1. “In other words, Sadat’s great mistake - which cost him his life - is that he conferred a degree of legitimacy on the Muslim Brotherhood, thereby allowing them to worm their way back into Egyptian society.

  1. Such is the way of time: left unchecked, what was once ludicrous to suggest - for instance, the Brotherhood’s 1953 request “for every woman walking in the street to wear a headscarf” - slowly and gradually becomes part of the culture.”

But since that 2010 PEW poll in Egypt was published months before the Arab Spring™, why were most Experts™ predicting a pluralistic government that respects universal human rights would be elected, and where were those votes supposed to come from? Most of the same Experts™ welcomed the Brotherhood. Reza Aslan’s opinion was typical:

  1. "The Muslim Brotherhood will have a significant role to play in post-Mubarak Egypt. And that is good thing."

  1. "Pundits and politicians are already ringing the alarm bells. The common refrain you hear in the US: The Middle East is being overrun with religious radicals bent on oppressing women and destroying Israel. That is nonsense, of course."

In July 2011 Secretary of State Clinton said,

  1. “We believe, given the changing political landscape in Egypt, that it is in the interests of the United States to engage with all parties that are peaceful and committed to non-violence, that intend to compete for the parliament and the presidency. And we welcome, therefore, dialogue with those Muslim Brotherhood members who wish to talk to us.”

Were they lying or deceived to overlook things like this:

2010: Brotherhood future President Morsi

No to Negotiations with the Blood-Sucking, Warmongering 'Descendants of Apes and Pigs”

(refers to Koran 2:63-65; 5:59-60; 7:166)

He said the same thing 2 other times. Another MEMRI video (transcript) from 2010 he said:

  1. ... we must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews, and all those who support them. They must be nursed on hatred. The hatred must continue.”

Why is it that only the so called Islamophobes™ warned at the start of the uprising in January 2011 that the Brotherhood was best positioned to takeover Egypt through elections, and if they did, predicted what it would look like?

Arab Spring™ 2011 =  Islamic Revolution By Stealth

Swept Away: Underwhelming Minority of Facebook Revolutionaries

  1. Many Experts™ have been claiming for years that the new Brotherhood has Renounced™ violence, respects Human Rights™, is largely secular with no overriding agenda, and therefore must have the opposite goals and methods than the 3 key ideologues. There is so much known about the MB in their own words, the fact there is still any debate at all about what their goals and methods are shows how extraordinarily successful their deception has been. This Muslim Brotherhood leader was caught lying while swearing to Allah on TV. The more time goes by, the easier it is to see, and as the MB imposes Islamic Human Rights™ in Egypt, with a new epidemic of rape and calls by prominent clerics to destroy Egypt's Great Pyramids begin.

The vertical gash appearing in the smallest of the three

Great Pyramids of Giza was made by a 12th century Islamic

ruler who spent eight months trying to dismantle the pyramid.

  1. Raymond Ibrahim names the most notable 2012 Fatwas in Egypt, which got bolder under the Brotherhood.

Spencer comments:

  1. “It takes a stratospherically high degree of separation from reality to think that the Muslim Brotherhood has any real interest in democracy except as a means to an end, and that end is radically opposed to the freedoms that the Western world enjoys. The stance towards the Brotherhood that is now being adopted by the United States (and also the E.U.) puts all free people in danger.” The West Courts the Muslim Brotherhood--and Its Own Destruction.

July 2013: Military takes Morsi & Brotherhood out

Morsi arrested

  1. December 2013: Interim military government calls Brotherhood a “terrorist organization.” As his trial unfolds Morsi faces the death penalty as evidence of his connections to Al-Qaeda leader Zawahiri are revealed.

  1. March 2014 529 Brotherhood members in Egypt are sentenced to death.

  1. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) claimed in a 1987 internal document captured by the FBI that ISNA, MSA, FCNA, IIIT, MAS, and 24 other U.S. groups were theirs, and “that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers...” Decades later here are some with Ph.D.’s photographed with leading U.S. politicians, and at this time (1/2013)there are at least 8 speech writers and advisors to President Obama and the Secretary of State. 

The Brotherhood Stealth Jihad in Their Own Words

  1. Immediately after the revolution in 2011 the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization (EUHRO) said:

  1. “The Muslim Brotherhood announced that it is impossible to build any new church in Egypt ... as well as no crosses over churches or bells to be rung.”

That’s a very old idea from the 7th century Pact of Umar.

  1. In 2012, newly elected Egyptian Brotherhood President Morsi confirmed the Brotherhood motto is still:

  1. “The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal.”

  1. You saw what genocidal Brotherhood spiritual leader Sheik Qaradawi believes, and his opinions are important because:

  1. (A) In 2009 Professor J. Esposito said he was the 6th most influential Muslim in the world.

  1. (B) He twice turned down offers to be the Brotherhood Supreme Guide or General Leader (GL) - 1976 and 2004.

  1. (C) He drew the largest crowd of the 2011 Arab Spring™ to Cairo’s Tahrir Sq., around 2 million after being banned from the country for decades.

  1. You have seen the 3 Key Ideologues whose influences are “impossible to exaggerate” according to Professor John Esposito. 

  1. Here are all 8 GL’s since the Brotherhood was created in 1928, and the opinions on IS&J of the most recent 4:

  1. 1st GL & Founder: Hassan Al-Banna (1928-1949)

  2. 2nd GL: Hassan al-Hudaybi (1951-1973) 

  3. 3rd GL: Umar al-Tilmisani  (1976-1986)

  4. 4th GL: Muhammad Hamid Abu al-Nasr (1986-1996)

  5. 5th GL: Mustafa Mashhur (1996-2002) He said the MB differed from al Qaeda only in its tactics, not in its goals. Wrote Jihad is the Way, cautions Muslims not to rush to Jihad until Jihad is prepared and timed fully for maximum benefit.

  1. "...Jihad for Allah is not limited to the specific region of the Islamic countries, since the Muslim homeland is one..."

  1. 6th GL: Ma'mun al-Hudaybi (2002-2004) - As GL, he was one of the first to welcome and justify the assassination of Egyptian secularist Faraj Fawda after a group at al-Azhar accused him of blasphemy.

  1. 7th GL: Mahdi Akef (2004-2010) - Imprisoned in Egypt 1954-1974, 1996-1999. Chief Imam at Islamic Center of Germany 1984-87, co-founder of MAS in 1993 as a U.S. Brotherhood front group. He has “complete faith that Islam will invade Europe and America...” More on him later in the U.S. MB Charts.

  2. 8th GL: Mohammed Badie (2010- )  said:

  1. 2007: “[The] change that the [Muslim] nation seeks can only be attained through jihad and sacrifice and by raising a jihadi generation that pursues death just as the enemies pursue life...  Allah's word will reign supreme and the infidels' word will be inferior.”

  1. 12/2011: After the MB and Salafists won 65% of vote Badie said “The Brotherhood is getting closer to achieving its greatest goal as envisioned by its founder, Imam Hassan al-Banna... This will be accomplished by establishing a Righteous™ and Fair™ ruling system, with all its institutions and associations, including a government evolving into a rightly guided caliphate and mastership of the world.”  

  1. 2012: Just after Morsi was elected President, Badie called for jihad on Israel.

  1. Many things are known about the Brotherhood from evidence seized in 2 major raids:

1) The Swiss raid, Nov. 2001:

  1. P. Poole wrote:

  1. “One might be led to think that if international law enforcement authorities and Western intelligence agencies had discovered a twenty-year old document revealing a top-secret plan developed by the oldest Islamist organization with one of the most extensive terror networks in the world to launch a program of “cultural invasion” and eventual conquest of the West that virtually mirrors the tactics used by Islamists for more than two decades, that such news would scream from the headlines.”

In fact, a document called The Project was seized in the raid of a luxurious villa in Campione, Switzerland in November 2001. The target was Youssef Nada, director of the Al-Taqwa Bank of Lugano, who had active association with the Muslim Brotherhood for more than 50 years and admitted to being one of the organization’s international leaders.

Youssef Nada

Charity™ Minded Supremacist

The Swiss raided his house at the request of the White House in the crackdown on terrorist finances in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. US and Swiss investigators had been looking at Al-Taqwa’s role in money laundering and funding a wide range of Islamic terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda and HAMAS. More later on his ties to al Banna’s grandson Said Ramadan, and Nada’s Swiss Nazi banking connections going back to the 1950‘s in the US MB History at a Glance Chart.

Included in the Swiss seizure was The Project - a 14-page plan written in Arabic, dated 1982, which outlines a strategy to “establish an Islamic government on earth”. According to testimony given to Swiss authorities by Nada, the unsigned document was prepared by “Islamic researchers” associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

It’s a flexible, multi-phased, long-term approach to the “cultural invasion” of the West using various tactics, ranging from immigration, deception, political legitimacy, and terrorism. As can be seen in a number of examples throughout the West – the plan outlined in The Project 30 years later in 2012, has been overwhelmingly successful. Poole summarizes some of the recommendations:

    1. 1. Developing a comprehensive 100-year plan (already 30 years old) to advance Islamist ideology worldwide.

    2. 2. Balancing international objectives with local flexibility.

    3. 3. Using deception to mask intended goals.

    4. 4. Avoiding open alliances with known terrorist organizations and individuals to maintain the appearance of “moderation”.

    5. 5. Establishing financial networks to fund the work of conversion of the West, with full-time administrators and workers.

    6. 6. Building extensive social networks of schools, hospitals and charitable organizations.

    7. 7. Involving ideologically committed Muslims in institutions on all levels in the West, including government, NGOs, private organizations.

    8. 8. Infiltrating and taking over existing Muslim organizations to realign them towards the MB’s collective goals.

    9. 9. Cultivating an Islamist intellectual community, including the establishment of think-tanks and advocacy groups, and publishing “academic” studies to legitimize Islamist positions.

    10. 10. Instrumentally using existing Western institutions until they can be put into service of Islam.

    11. 11. Instituting alliances with Western “progressive” organizations that share similar goals.

    12. 12. Supporting jihad movements across the Muslim world through preaching, propaganda, personnel, funding, and technical and operational support.

    13. 13. Making the Palestinian cause a global wedge issue for Muslims.

    14. 14. Adopting the total liberation of Palestine from Israel and the creation of an Islamic state as a keystone in the plan for global Islamic domination.

    15. 15. Instigating a constant campaign to incite hatred by Muslims against Jews and rejecting any discussions of conciliation or coexistence with them.

    16. 16. Actively creating jihad terror cells within Palestine.

    17. 17. Collecting sufficient funds to indefinitely support jihad around the world.

    18. 18. Inflaming violence and keeping Muslims living in the West “in a jihad frame of mind”.

The plan was adopted in 1983, according to well known MB operative and Hamas insider, Azzam Tamimi, who said in his 2007 book HAMAS: A History from Within, that it was:

  1. “... a project that reached its culmination in the historic conference convened secretly in Amman [Jordan] in 1983. Representatives of the Palestinian Ikhwan attended from within Palestine, both from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, as well as from Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the other Gulf countries, Europe, and the United States. The purpose of the meeting was to lay the cornerstone for what became known as the Islamic Global Project for Palestine, a project proposed to the conference by the delegates from Kuwait. At this conference, a unanimous decision was taken to give financial and logistic support to the effort of the Brotherhood in Palestine to wage jihad.” (p. 45)

What Tamimi describes is that The Project would militarize the Palestinian MB by reviving the terrorist “secret apparatus”, which eventually resulted in HAMAS December 1987. The HAMAS Charter identifies itself as:

  1. “one of the wings of the Muslim Brothers in Palestine. The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is a world organization, the largest Islamic Movement in the modern era. It is characterized by a profound understanding, by precise notions and by a complete comprehensiveness of all concepts of Islam in all domains of life: views and beliefs, politics and economics, education and society, jurisprudence and rule, indoctrination and teaching, the arts and publications, the hidden and the evident, and all the other domains of life.” (The Enemy is Not Just Al-Qaeda)

The Charter preamble quotes Brotherhood founder al-Banna: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it.” (source)

2) This 2004 raid in Virginia shows The Project is alive and well in the U.S.:

During a traffic stop of Ismail Elbarasse, police discovered he was a Hamas operative wanted on a Material Witness warrant in a Hamas case in Chicago. Authorities then searched his Virginia home and made an incredible discovery. In the basement of the house, they found a sub-basement with the Brotherhood archives - historical, financial, strategic, organizational documents, and other items. 

Many of these documents were entered into evidence at the largest successfully prosecuted terrorism financing and Hamas trial in U.S. history – US v Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF). 

Lt. Col. Joseph Myers says the evidence,

  1. “... all passed sufficient legal scrutiny to be entered into evidence... the defendants did not challenge in court the authenticity or veracity of the documents....”

These documents, in conjunction with testimony, recorded conversations, and other evidence revealed at other terrorism trials revealed a few key facts:

    1. 1.Holy Land Foundation (HLF) was the largest Islamic non-profit in the United States and was a Hamas entity.

    2. 2.The leaders of HLF were senior Hamas leaders.

    3. 3.Hamas was created out of the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood.

    4. 4.There is a significant Muslim Brotherhood Movement in the United States which began in the 1950’s.

    5. 5.The first national Islamic organization, the Muslim Students Association, was created by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    6. 6.The Brotherhood seeks to subordinate existing U.S. law to Islamic Law and re-establish the global Islamic State (Caliphate).

    7. 7.The most prominent Islamic organizations in North America are controlled by the Brotherhood’s Movement to include, but not limited to:  Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), Muslim Students Association (MSA), International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) which was demonstrated to be a Hamas entity in US.

    8. 8.ISNA and NAIT are Hamas support entities.

    9. 9.ICNA is partnered with the Muslim American Society (MAS), and their training program to Muslims across North America includes the call to “wage war” against all systems of government not under Islamic rule, and calls Muslims to “hate and despise” all un-Islamic governments.

    10. 10.“Islamic Societies” and “Islamic Centers” across North America are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, meaning along with the mosques, non-profit organizations, lobbying groups, for-profit businesses, and the covert organizations controlled by the MB, the Muslim Brotherhood has thousands of entities in the U.S. at all levels of society working daily to bring Islamic law and propaganda to the United States.

  1. In November 2014 the UAE designated Hamas-linked CAIR a terrorist organization

  1. 2014 - Is the new Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL) the one predicted in The Project? The 1st Caliph Al Bakr al-Baghdadi has a PH.D in Islamic Studies and was a Muslim Brotherhood leader before he rampaged across Syria and Iraq to create the new Caliphate. According to Sheikh Qaradawi,

  1. “this youth [al-Baghdadi] was from the start among the top ranks of the Brotherhood, but he was inclined to [positions of] leadership and so forth…  Then, after he spent years in prison [for Brotherhood activities] he came out and joined with them [nascent Islamic State],” eventually rising to be its “caliph.”

That was the same Brotherhood advising the US government, which is why Western leaders agree the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, despite a mountain of evidence that all the Islamic State is doing - beheadings, crucifixions, massacres, sexual enslavements, and the subjugation of religious minorities - is rooted in Islamic theology, and so called denunciation by stealth jihad groups in the US on theological grounds are bogus. Here the Islamic State released its list of “Qur’anic punishments”. Here is video of Islamic State stoning woman to death for adultery, which  Islamic law permits because Mohammad did it. Her father helped. Here is a video of a Jordanian pilot being burned to death, which Islamic law also permits.

  1. Here’s an excerpt from one of the documents seized in VA, An Explanatory Memorandum: On the General Strategic Goals for the Group in North America, approved by the U.S. Brotherhood Shura Council in 1987:

  1. “Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America, by Mohamed Akram

  1. The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes...”

On the last page there is a list of 29 Brotherhood front groups claimed in 1987 including MSA, ISNA, FCNA, IIIT, ICNA, NAIT,

  1. “organizations of our friends,... Imagine if they all march according to one plan!!!”

In other words this strategy has already been operative in America for at least 27 years as of 2014!

  1. Col. Myers:

  1. “The MB and affiliated and derivative organizations [ie, all major Islamic orgs in the U.S.] should be considered a single entity for purposes of analysis and law enforcement... as a latent insurgency, as part of the global jihad espousing the ideology of jihadism to destroy American civilization, with objectives overlapping al-Qaida's and a history of material support to terrorism, and should be presumed to be a current and continuing criminal racketeering activity.  They should be targeted just like the mafia.”

  1. Former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo:

  1. The Muslim Brotherhood intends to conduct Civilization Jihad by co-opting our leadership into believing a counterfactual understanding of Islam and the nature of the Brotherhood, thereby coercing these leaders to enforce the Brotherhood narrative on their subordinates. Be assured they are doing this with great success. In approximately 1993, the Brotherhood begins establishing between 80 and 120 new non-profit organizations annually. Today, there are over 2,000 Islamic non-profit [501(c)(3)] organizations in the United States. Not all are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, but many are. The number of total Islamic organizations here is multiplied significantly when the Brotherhood lobbying organizations, for profit organizations, and the many covert organizations they have established off the radar are all factored in. This is a staggering number... If we keep in mind that from the Brotherhood perspective, this is an Influence Operation, not a “terrorist” operation, their operation here might begin to make a little more sense.

  1. Political, military, law enforcement, media, and religious leaders are being duped across America by the Brotherhood leadership.  The approach tactics differ depending on the targeted organization – ie for media the approach may be a “civil rights” basis, while for Christian leaders it will be based on the Muslims’ claiming they are “also followers of Jesus” without the explanation that to the Muslims, Jesus was a Muslim prophet.

  2. Here is how it works:  a leader of a Brotherhood front, ISNA for instance, who has been a Muslim Brother for 40 years, is a classically trained intelligence officer from a foreign nation, has been in the U.S. for 20+ years, and is a naturalized U.S. citizen, approaches a senior government official (usually with zero counterintelligence training). The Muslim Brother says he is from the largest and “most prominent Muslim organization in America” or words to that effect. He explains he has come to help the official discern fact from fiction about Islam and help deter “radicalization” as well as “Islamophobia” in the local community. The Brother says he has experience in “building bridges” between the U.S. government and the Muslim community, and even produces photographs with other senior government officials and community leaders. The official, unaware ISNA is a Brotherhood and Hamas support entity, an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF case, and the “nucleus” for the Islamic Movement here, begins working with this Brotherhood leader. They have discussions in the government office building where the senior official works, and the Muslim Brother tells the official ISNA is “moderate” (because he says so) but if he or any of the Muslims at ISNA hear of any “radicals” in the area, they will be sure to let the official know. They also talk about the Brother’s concern about how “aggressive” the U.S. government is perceived in the local Muslim community, and the “fear of backlash” against them. “We want to help you,” the Hamas/MB leader will say, “but we need assurances from you that you will not unnecessarily target Muslims for investigation or go into our Mosques unannounced. In exchange, we will be sure to tell you if there is anything nefarious going on in the Muslim community.” The government official buys off on this and, in the interest of deepening the relationship with the Muslim and the community-at-large, the government official complies with the Brotherhood’s request and eases off. The two men have lunch weekly and develop a relationship – the government official thinks the Muslim Brother actually likes him. The Muslim Brother is actually quite likable. He was trained to be “likable” during his counterintelligence training in his home country, which he has perfected during his last 40 years of operating for many of those years in hostile countries before coming to the U.S. Over time, the government official establishes policies and procedures based on the advice given to him by the Muslim Brother, which the official has never backstopped to determine if it is factually accurate.”

  1. Here is an example of that: In a 2011 LA Times op-ed, MPAC president Salam al-Marayati threatened the FBI with a total cut-off of cooperation between American Muslims and law enforcement if the agency failed to revise its law enforcement training materials by eliminating all references to Islam that CAIR and other MB front groups claimed were offensive. He demanded the Justice Department and the FBI "issue a clear and unequivocal apology to the Muslim American community" and "establish a thorough and transparent vetting process in selecting its trainers and materials." In early 2012 the Obama administration complied. Later in 2012 Obama picked Marayati, who defends Hamas and Hezbollah, to represent the US at a human rights conference. Muslim convert Stephen Schwartz says MPAC’s Senior Advisor and one of its founders, Maher Hathout is “an aggressive supporter of Wahhabism.”

Stealth supremacist Victim™ threatens FBI

Salam al-Marayati, MPAC President

Around the same time as the Marayati’s op-ed in 2011, his friends at CAIR’s San Francisco Chapter featured this poster on their website:

                                              CAIR San Francisco                        Zahra Billoo - Exec Dir CAIR SF


                                         CAIR’s “consistent policy”                    Stealth Supremacist Victim™

They removed the poster a week after it was exposed by Steve Emerson. CAIR claims a consistent policy of cooperating with law enforcement”. But again in a June 2012 post on Twitter, Billoo wrote as a ‘public service announcement’ that, “it’s never a good idea to speak to an FBI agent without an attorney. NEVER.” Emerson says his report on her is very informative because, “Her ideas and comments often are more raw and unpolished than other CAIR spokespeople, exposing an underlying radical ideology that CAIR tries hard to mask.”

  1. Gundolo continues:

  1. Our entire national security apparatus is focused on the threat of the violent Jihadis around the world. Our enemy has no intention of defeating us on the battlefield. The kinetic war being waged by organizations like Al Qaeda, Hamas, and the many other jihadi groups is meant to bleed us, fix us in place, and create a strategic distraction while the real war they are fighting is won in the information battle space. While AQ fixes us in place, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) presses the U.S. – and the West at large – into a corner with a stated foreign policy mirroring that of Al Qaeda. Who is the OIC? The OIC is the umbrella organization for every Muslim nation in the world – 57 states (they count Palestine as a state). The OIC seeks to re-establish the global Islamic State (Caliphate) and implement Islamic Law. They have a 10-Year Plan in English on their website that may begin shedding light on who they are and what they intend. In 1993, the OIC served an official treaty to the United Nations called the “Cairo Declaration” stating the OIC defines “Human Rights” as Shariah (Islamic Law) – this is significantly different from the International Declaration of Human Rights – that means the Head of State and King of every Muslim nation in the world has a parallel foreign policy from the one they are discussing with our State Department, and our State Department does not have clue one about it... The Muslim Brotherhood, like the OIC and Al Qaeda, seeks to re-establish the global Islamic State (Caliphate) and implement Islamic Law. All of the enemy doctrine can be found on the internet, in books, in speeches, in their training curricula, and coming out of their mouths on a daily basis. When the MB says they have “renounced violence” they are – hold onto your hats – lying. From several major terrorism trials in the United States, and other information, we now know nearly every major Muslim organization in North America is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood or a derivative group.

Above graphics from MB in America part 1: Understanding the Threat by John Guandolo

  1. This is Civilization-Jihad “by their hands”, and evidence of it can be seen in: our universities – many of which have MSA chapters and host Hamas and Brotherhood speakers on a regular basis with the support of university Presidents and Boards who silence students challenging the school or Hamas; our intelligence and national security apparatus where analysts and agents on the ground who understand the Brotherhood threat are disciplined, subject to internal investigations, and threatened with termination for doing their jobs, going after the MB, and speaking up about this threat; our war colleges – at which Muslim Brothers serve as Distinguished Professors or Chairs of Middle Eastern studies programs and pollute the dialogue and suppress any attempt to speak truth into the threats from the Islamic Movement;  our financial institutions – many of which are “Shariah Compliant” per the MB’s request and at the direction of the U.S. Treasury Department; our churches and synagogues – which only seem to outreach to Brotherhood front groups... and which join the Brotherhood in protests against government investigations of anything “Muslim” or “Islamic” (e.g. Congressman King hearings); and the list goes on... ISNA is the certifying authority for all Muslim Chaplains in DoD and in the U.S. Bureau of Prisons” (Guandolo)

  1. Qutb and al-Banna would be amazed if they knew the Brotherhood would take over Egypt with the help of the U.S. government, and continue to get $1.3 billion annually for their military because of a successful campaign of deception in the US that was just beginning when Qutb was executed in 1966, and that has influenced every level of American society, including the PentagonTSAFBI, DOJ, DHS, CIA, State Governments, K-12, Universities, Republican Party & CPAC, American courts, and sharia finance influencing the U.S. Treasury Department. Not to mention the White House:


  1. “What we’re seeing not just inside the White House, but inside the government entities, the State Department - is a strong push by the MB to get their people not just into operational positions, but policy positions - deeper, long term, bureaucratic positions.”

White House & State Department Penetrations

Guandolo specifies some in 8/2012:

  1. “In letters dated June 13, 2012, five Members of Congress – Representatives Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Tom Rooney (R-FL), Trent Franks (R-AZ), and Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) -- requested that Inspector Generals from the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice and State, as well as the IG from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, investigate the penetration of senior Muslim Brotherhood operatives into our national security decision-making apparatus in America.

  1. Yet, American political leaders from both parties continue to disparage this request in personal terms, giving clear indication they are completely ignorant of the facts in this matter. The latest blast came from leaders in the GOP, publicly defending a senior advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to the U.S. Secretary of State, Huma Abedin. This individual's immediate family founded a Muslim Brotherhood front group which, at a minimum, raises questions about Abedin’s position inside the government. If her parents were in leadership positions in organizations the U.S. government knew were fronts for the KGB or Chinese Intelligence, we would not be having this discussion. But because it is the Muslim Brotherhood, which many American leaders have either coddled, worked with, or ignored, these five Members of Congress who are abiding by their oaths of office and asking for a legitimate investigation into this potentially damaging espionage issue, are being attacked by Senator McCain and Speaker Boehner.

  1. Are Senator McCain and Speaker Boehner aware of the following facts?

  1. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is the largest Muslim Brotherhood (MB) organization in North America, created to be the “nucleus” for the Islamic Movement, according to MB documents seized by the FBI in Annandale, Virginia in 2004.

  1. Because of the evidence ISNA is a Brotherhood front, as well as the numerous financial documents detailing money going directly from ISNA and their banks to Hamas entities overseas, ISNA is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in U.S. history (US v. Holy Land Foundation), which was adjudicated in 2008 in Dallas, Texas.

  1. When ISNA filed a motion with the federal court to have their name removed from the unindicted co-conspirator list, the government stated that ISNA exists to be a financial support entity for Hamas. The federal judge agreed stating the government provided “ample evidence” and left ISNA on the list. A three-judge appellate panel unanimously agreed and left ISNA on the unindicted co-conspirator list.

  1. ISNA’s two key directors and its President, Mohamed Magid, all work with Secretary Clinton and her office. So, the leaders of a Hamas-supporting entity are advising the U.S. Secretary of State.

Obama & ISNA President Imam Mohamed Magid

Stealth Supremacist Advising U.S. Secretary of State

  1. Huma Abedin is an adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff to the U.S. Secretary of State. She supports the Secretary’s work with ISNA. If Abedin is not aware ISNA is a Hamas support entity, she is incompetent at her job and should be relieved of her duties. If she is aware ISNA is a Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas entity and is not making the Secretary and the other staff aware of this, there is a much greater problem. Since Abedin’s parents co-founded the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs with backing from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim World League, questions about her loyalty and affiliations are not only proper; they are required as a matter of policy for such a position in our government.

Huma Abedin - Daughter of Brotherhood Parents

Adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff to U.S. Secretary of State

  1. Are Mr. McCain and Speaker Boehner aware that Secretary Clinton’s official position on the so-called “Arab Spring” was that it was a freedom movement led by students who organized on Twitter? How could the U.S. Secretary of State refer to the Muslim Brotherhood’s revolution in the Middle East this way? How could she get this so catastrophically wrong? Perhaps the influence exerted by the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Hamas-supporting entity ISNA has something to do with it.

  1. Are Senator McCain and Speaker Boehner aware that ISNA President Mohamed Magid spoke at a Counter-Terrorism training program at CIA Headquarters at Langley last week? Or that ISNA advised Senator Richard Durbin’s Senate committee before his hearings in the summer of 2011? Or that Mohamed Magid was at the last two Iftar Dinners at the White House? Is the Secret Service aware that the leader of a Hamas support entity has been coming into the White House? Or that Mohamed Magid has worked with the National Security Council and sits on the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Committee? Are the American people aware that the very agencies legally charged to support and defend the Constitution and this nation are working with the leader of a known Hamas-supporting entity? And ISNA/Magid are only one example of this massive security breach into our system by the Muslim Brotherhood.

  1. There is ample reason for a significant investigation into the penetration of the U.S. government, since one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s most senior leaders has access to our most sensitive intelligence agencies.”

  1. Could the Jig Finally Be Up for Huma Abedin? (8/2016)

  1. Dahlia Mogahed is an Egyptian born Obama advisor and speech writer. Also a presenter at John Esposito’s Georgetown conference in 2008 Is There a Role for Shari'ah in Modern States? She blocked Middle Eastern Christians' access to White House to discuss their fear of sharia coming to Syria like it did in Egypt. She has numerous MB connections.

Moderate™ Obama Advisor

Brotherhood MAS's National Convention in May 2009.

  1. Rashad Hussain - A hafiz (memorized the Koran), Obama's special envoy to the OIC, helped write Obama's Cairo speech, and actively collaborated in the drafting of Resolution 16/18, to fight Islamophobia™. In 2011  it passed the UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council. The OIC is in a full-scale campaign to intimidate Western governments into adopting Hate Speech™ codes that will effectively quash criticism of Islam - including quoting what theologians and jihadists say. He defended Sami Al-Arian, convicted U.S.-based leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, saying the investigation was a “politically motivated persecution” designed to “squash dissent.” But Judge James Moody told al-Arian this at sentencing. Investigative Project reported:

  1. “participated in the organizing committee of the Critical Islamic Reflection along with important figures of the American Muslim Brotherhood such as Jamal Barzinji, Hisham al-Talib and Yaqub Mirza.”

Also listed as a CIR sponsor was ALIM, most likely referring to the American Learning Institute for Muslims and whose list of instructors are some of the most important leaders of the U.S./global Muslim Brotherhood including Tariq Ramadan, Jamal Badawi, and Taha Al-Alwani. 5 of those leaders are covered in the Key Faces of US MB, and Tariq Ramadan has his own page.

Rashad Hussain

U.S. Ambassador to the OIC

Wants Islamic Blasphemy laws in the U.S.

  1. January 2013: The Investigative Project reported:

  1. “An Egyptian magazine claims that six American Islamist activists who work with the Obama administration are Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over U.S. policy.

  1. The Dec. 22 story published in Egypt's Rose El-Youssef magazine (read an IPT translation here) suggests the six turned the White House "from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organizations in the world to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood."

  1. The six named people include:”

  1. 1) Arif Alikhan - assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development. 

  1. “Alikhan is a founder of the World Islamic Organization, which the magazine identifies as a Brotherhood "subsidiary." It suggests that Alikhan was responsible for the "file of Islamic states" in the White House and that he provides the direct link between the Obama administration and the Arab Spring revolutions of 2011.”

  1. 2) Mohammed Elibiary - member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

  1. “... endorsed the ideas of radical Muslim Brotherhood luminary Sayyid Qutb, may have leaked secret materials contained in Department of Homeland Security databases, according to the magazine. He, however, denies having any connection with the Brotherhood.”

  1. “Elibiary also played a role in defining the Obama administration's counterterrorism strategy, and the magazine asserts that Elibiary wrote the speech Obama gave when he told former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to leave power but offers no source or evidence for the claim.”

More on Elibiary.

  1. 3) Eboo Patel - member of President Obama's Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

  1. “Rose El-Youssef says Patel maintains a close relationship with Hani Ramadan, the grandson of Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna, and is a member of the Muslim Students Association, which it identifies as "a large Brotherhood organization."

  1. 4) Rashad Hussain - see above, the U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

  1. 5) Salam al-Marayati - see above, co-founder of MPAC.

  1. 6) Imam Mohamed Magid - see above, advisor to Department of Homeland Security and Secretary of State, president of ISNA.

With all that influence it’s not surprising Obama handed the 2011 Arab Spring in Egypt to the Brotherhood, and in 2013 will not say a word to support the people demonstrating against the Brotherhood beginning to institutionalize universal human rights abuses. Spencer wrote while Morsi was still president:

  1. “...while he quickly endorsed the demonstrations against Hosni Mubarak that ultimately led to the Muslim Brotherhood’s ascent to power, Barack Obama has been reticent about supporting these demonstrations, as he was in 2009 when thousands of Iranians took to the streets to protest against the mullahcracy... Videos have come to light in which he [President Morsi] lashed out against Jews with venomous hatred, referring to Qur’anic curses of them as “apes and pigs” and declaring that there could be no negotiations with Israel. Those who are protesting against his regime, on the other hand, are in favor of genuine democratic rule, without Sharia restrictions on the freedom of speech and its denial of equality of rights to large segments of the popular. Yet Obama is silent. The only two mass popular uprisings in Muslim countries that he has not supported have one thing in common: both have been against pro-Sharia Islamic supremacist regimes. All the popular uprisings he has supported, meanwhile, have resulted in the installation of pro-Sharia Islamic supremacist regimes...

  1. “Darkness is descending upon Egypt, with willing aid from the putative leader of the free world, who has resisted cancellation of a deal that would send F-16s, tanks, and $1.5 billion to Egypt. The protesters whom Barack Obama should be supporting are on the streets of Cairo now. Instead, the outgoing Secretary of State insists that Morsi has “a lot of the right intentions” and that opposing him would be unwise: “We must make sure the revolution isn’t hijacked by extremists.” In reality, the “extremists” are already in power. That America is not standing with those who oppose them is just the latest disgrace...” (Egypt: Free People Not Going Quietly Into the Sharia Night)

During the consideration of John Brennen for new CIA Director, the highly reputable Steve Emerson said

  1. John Brennan, CIA director nominee, is uniquely unqualified to be the CIA director as evidenced by him being the architect of the outreach program to the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States as well as in the Middle East. In the course of the investigation conducted by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, we discovered that there were at least four hundred visits in the three years between 2009 and 2012 to the White House of radical Islamic groups, some of whom were unindicted co-conspirators in terrorism trials, but all of whom had been involved in establishing radical Islamic rhetoric, including support for Hamas, Hezbollah, denigrating the US, calling this a war against Islam by the United States.

  1. In 2014 the United Arab Emirates insists CAIR is a terrorist organization after the State Department asks why.

  1. On 1/1/2015, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi—the hero of Egypt’s 2013 anti-Muslim Brotherhood revolution—made some remarkable comments concerning the need for a “religious revolution.”

  1. A month later Obama revealed he just met with Muslim leaders (again) tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

  1. In 2/2015 eleven of Canada’s highest-profile jihad terrorists are tied to Muslim Students Association.

Here are more White House influences.  More in The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration, Muslim Brotherhood in America, and Unmasking the Muslim Brotherhood.

  1. It’s a myth that Islamic Extremists™ tend to come from less education, more poverty or local grievances. Study after study shows the opposite. In Key Faces of US MB you see major U.S. leaders with Ph.D.’s and high level working relationships that link back to al-Banna thru his son in law Said Ramadan, who met President Eisenhower. They are striving in the way of Allah, a Muslim mans’s burden to do their part to Liberate™ the world from the Oppression™ of man made secular law. That is their jihad. Here are some U.S. MB Faces w: Politicians. Here are 27 well educated US operatives named in a 2013 Egyptian newspaper investigative report.

  1. I made 2 charts showing over 80 U.S. Brotherhood leaders in over 20 US front groups, with a list of their short bios. It’s useful at a glance to see how big the spiderweb of relationships is. Or if you are really skeptical there is so much info here that you could spend hours on it to see their country of origin, education and degrees held, professional history, leadership positions held in these orgs (ie, Founder, Director, President), criminal convictions if any, political connections, and timeline. As Col. Myers says it is obvious all these leaders must be aware of the general methods and long term goals. There are MB branches in around 70 countries, and these charts show just the tip of the U.S. iceberg. The more I read the longer it got, and eventually I had to call it good.

  1. Here are some of the sharia authorities employed by important Western financial institutions, including 5 from the US MB at a Glance Chart.  2 are pictured in Key Faces of US MB - the genocidal Sheik Qaradawi and Basam Osman.

  1. Edina Lekovic is the Communications Director of MPAC held an Interfaith Dialoge™ with Jamal Badawi, an associate of Qaradawi, at UCF where someone was ejected for asking a question about Reliance of the Traveller. She is a good example of someone devoting her life to deceive you about Islam.

   Altruistic Victim™                   Stealth Jihadist & President Carter

       Moderate™                Jimmy Carter, MPAC's Lekovic & Director Tarin                    Dr. Jamal Badawi

This clip of public appearances shows her lying.

  1. Here is a list of stories showing the Egyptian Brotherhood has not moderated since the Arab Spring™.

  1. Yet despite the Brotherhood’s stated intentions and reaching many of their goals with White House support, in 2013 three times Pulitzer Prize winning Middle East Expert™ Thomas Friedman blamed global warming for the outcome of the Arab Spring™. In 2005 he already demonstrated his astounding ignorance of Islam and therefore the Middle East, when he nominated Grand Ayatollah Sistani for a Nobel Peace Prize, and even insisted he was serious. Sistani is also serious about his interpretation of Koran 9:28, posting for years on his website that all non-Muslims are as filthy as dogs, pigs, semen, poop, urine, and the sweat of animals that eat dogs, pigs, semen, poop, or urine. No kidding.

Instead of having programs in mosques to teach Muslims, especially Muslim converts, how to stop Misunderstanding™ their religion, Brotherhood front group CAIR has a propaganda ad campaign appearing on the sides of buses in major American cities to cover for jihadists and confuse people about its meaning:

Here is an another meaning of jihad appearing in NYC subways, and Chicago:


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