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Islamic Supremacism & Jihad (IS&J)

Table of Contents


 Useful Info
 The Core Texts

 4 Examples of Islamic Supremacism & Jihad Described in Koran & Hadith

 5 Classic Jurist Opinions on Islamic Supremacism & Jihad 1100 - 1600 AD (3 Sufi)

 28 More Classic Jurist Opinions on Islamic Supremacism & Jihad 635 - 1800 AD (3 Sufi)

 1 Modern Sufi Scholar’s Opinion on Islamic Human Rights™

 47 Modern Jurist and Sharia Scholar Opinions on Islamic Supremacism & Jihad 1900 to 2014

 3 Key 20th Century Ideologue Opinions on IS&J (1 Sufi)

 5 Modern Terrorists™ on IS&J (1 Sufi)
 30 Modern Muslim Politicians on IS&J 1900 - 2012

 The Muslim Brotherhood on IS&J

 1 Key 21st Century Reformer™ & Master of Deception on IS&J

 Efforts To Reform Islam
 University Dogma on IS&J
 Government & Media on IS&J


 The Islamic State

 Consequences of Rejecting Reason in Islam

 Interesting News Stories You May Have Missed

 Key Dates & Population Statistics

 Free Islamic Texts Online in English

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