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Islamic Tradition Claims

  1. 570 AD - Muhammad was born in Mecca.

  1. 610 - Muhammad receives his first revelation of the Qur’an from Allah, through the angel Gabriel. He continued periodically receiving them for 22 years until his death.

  1. 622 - Muhammad emigrates to Medina from Mecca and the Islamic calendar begins year 1, and the Koran becomes more bellicose than the “Meccan Verses”.

  1. 632 - Muhammad dies in Medina. The split in Islam into Shia and Sunni began over a dispute over Muhammad’s successor.

Brief Chronology of Historical Events

  1. 633 - Arabian invasion of Iraq.

  1. 636-639 - Arabian conquest of Syria, Palestine, Egypt, and Armenia.

  1. 644 - Arabian conquest of Persia

  1. 650’s - 660’s - Arabian conquest of North Africa.   


  1. 674 - First Arabian siege of Constantinople

  1. 711-718 - Muslim conquest of Spain.

  1. 732 - Muslim advance into western Europe is stopped at the Battle of Tours in France.

  1. Circa 760 - Ibn Ishaq collects material and publishes 1st biography of Muhammad.

  1. 830’s-860’s - The six major Hadith collections are compiled and published, providing voluminous detail about Muhammad’s words and deeds.

(Above chronology from Did Muhammad Exist? Spencer, p.xv)

  1. 1095 ~ 1290 - Series of mostly unsuccessful Christian Crusade wars with Muslims after several hundred years of Islamic jihad.

  1. 1453 - Muslims conquered Constantinople, renamed it Istanbul, capital of the Ottoman Empire (Caliphate).


  1. 9/11/1683 - last Muslim advance into Europe from the east is stopped at Vienna, Austria.

  1. 1924 - Birth of secular Turkey, abolishing the 600 year old Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of World War I.

  1. 1928 - Muslim Brotherhood founded in Egypt to recreate an Islamic empire (caliphate), in opposition to the new secular Turkey. The MB was outlawed for decades in Egypt.

  1. 2012 - The Brotherhood wins elections in Egypt with U.S. government support, and in little more than a year gained sweeping new powers by forcing out military chiefs and writing a new sharia constitution that passed in referendum. But soon they were removed by the military, more on the MB page.

Population Statistics

  1. Pew estimates world population 6.9 billion in 2010.

  1. Pew estimates 2.18 billion Christians in 2010.

  1. Pew estimates 1.6  billion Muslims in 2010. 

  1. Estimated 900 million Hindu.

  1. Estimated 850 million Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist.

  1. Estimated 360 million Buddhists.

  1. Estimated 14 million Jews.

  1. Estimated 50 million Muslims in Europe.

  1. There are less than 2.5 million Muslims in U.S., not “nearly 7 million” CAIR claims on its website , and Obama repeated in his 2009 speech at al-Azhar.

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