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Tiny Minority of Extremist Jurist Opinions on Islamic Supremacism & Jihad

The following examples are religious rulings of jurists, past and present, who unequivocally rejected IS&J and this rejection was accepted by at least one of the 5 major schools. They were not fired, persecuted, imprisoned, or killed for the opinion. They are extreme opinions within Islamic theology, but not extreme to non-Muslims.

This page is blank so far because there is scholarly consensus on Islamic supremacism.

I am looking for examples of instructions that are specific about relations with non-Muslims, not just “I respect Human Rights™”, or “I reject killing Innocent Civilians™”, or “I reject Terrorism™ in all forms”, or “I want a Free and Just Society™ with Justice™ for all”. Something more specific like “Muslims should live in peace as equals with non-Muslims on an indefinite basis, and not use violent or peaceful means to impose Islamic law on them”. This page is not for opinions from Islam Three - some of them are covered in the Efforts to Reform Islam page - or people like Rashid Rida for reasons explained in his profile in 44 Modern Jurists page.

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